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Qualtrics is a comprehensive survey tool available to all K-State faculty and staff with more than 90 question types, simplified reporting tools, online training modules, a library of surveys to peruse and so much more. It is also available to graduate and undergraduate students by permission.

Faculty and staff can access via kstate.qualtrics.com or by clicking the Access Qualtrics button on the left. The default configuration is unlimited allowed surveys per user with the ability for 25,000 emails, thank yous, reminders, and survey responses in a seven day rolling period.


  • Collaborate and share surveys
  • Translate surveys into other languages using Google Translate
  • Add images
  • Distribute surveys using a specific URL
  • Offer surveys via social media platforms
  • Use "skip logic" and "display logic" to customize surveys based on responses
  • Exporting data in a variety of ways including SPSS and other statistical packages

IRB Information

University Research Compliance Office at Kansas State University is committed to providing a comprehensive and compliant program, to faculty and students, for Research involving Human Subjects. The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is mandated by federal laws and regulations, and is responsible for oversight of all activities involving research with human subjects. Activities using surveys designed to collect and analyze information from individuals, are likely to be considered "research with human subjects" by federal oversight groups. Consequently, those surveys should be considered and approved by the IRB prior to their use.

For more information contact:
University Research Compliance Office
203 Fairchild Hall (lower mezzanine)
Manhattan, KS
(785) 532-3224